Truffelinos – The Best of Colombia!

Last year, during the pandemic, I wanted to send a special gift to a friend in Bogota who was in a very strict lockdown.  After searching online, I contacted a few chocolate stores and Truffelinos was the most responsive.

The person who answered my message was Roberto and I learned that his family owns the business (since 1979).  Although I speak some Spanish, Roberto has great English, so it was very easy to communicate my order via Whatsapp.

Since that first order, Truffelinos has become my go-to option in Colombia for gifts and special occasions.  I love that:


  • The chocolates are made fresh and not sitting on a shelf for months.  My friends LOVE their Truffelinos truffles and tell me they’re really big, the flavors are unique    and, most important, «muy rico».
  • They offer many gift options, so I am able to add a personal card, flowers or a balloon to the chocolate order.
  • The packaging is very attractive, I mainly get the beautiful wooden boxes because they make a great keepsake after the chocolates have been consumed.
  • I’m supporting a small, family business, not a big faceless corporation.Truffelinos source all their ingredients in Colombia, directly from small farmers.  You can actually see photos on their website of the fincas that grow their cocoa.
  • Roberto gives me great, personal service and the home delivery fee is just 9000 pesos (about $2.50!).
Truffelinos chocolates artesanales
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Regalos de cumpleaños: Chocolates Truffelinos, múltiples opciones para hombres o mujeres. ¡ Para detallistas de corazón !
Wooden box section

I know that this sounds like a promotion for Truffelinos, but I believe it’s more important than ever to support small businesses and farmers.  So, when I wrote at the start that Truffelinos is The Best of Colombia/Lo Mejor de Colombia – it’s literally true; quality local Colombian sourced ingredients and materials, artisan skills, and kind, friendly Colombian service.  


I’m delighted that I discovered Truffelinos – you will be too…


Aidan Morley, Beverly Hills, California. 

June 5, 2021

Thank you Mr. Morley for letting us share your experience and for making Truffelinos a part of your Colombian story.