New Cacao Plantation

Truffelinos is part of the establishment of a new cacao plantation

During the 42-year history of Truffelinos, cacao production in Colombia has evolved in surprising ways:

  • The cacao-producing areas have expanded in the country, reaching new non-traditional regions.
  • The planted trees are better selected and more resistant to possible pests or diseases.
  • The procedures used during and after harvest are more technical and careful.
  • The commercial distance between growers and processors has been reduced in such a way that today we can enjoy the true characteristics of flavor and aroma that each region has to offer.
  • Cocoa, nowadays, is considered a «seed of peace», it is not only an excellent alternative to replace illicit crops but it is also a way to restore worn out or poorly maintained soils.

Therefore, Truffelinos, with the sponsorship of a group of European friends, has undertaken the planting of a new cocoa crop in the Arbeláez – Cundinamarca area.

Truffelinos - Origen - Flor del cacao
Cacao flower
Truffelinos - Origen - Fruto del cacao
Cacao fruit

Located in the Sumapaz province, Arbeláez is only 80 kilometers from Bogotá and is recognized for the variety of its agricultural production.

For many years it had an eminently panela (crystalized raw sugar) vocation. There were no less than 20 artisan sugar mills there and almost 100% of the farms were dedicated to the panela business. However, adverse conditions in this market forced the region’s peasants to seek other sources of income.

Sugar cane had caused significant damage to the region’s soils.

Today this has changed and it is possible to find varied fruit crops, some floriculture projects, a small amount of livestock, even some fish farming.

As an important innovation today it is also possible to find a cacao crop at «Cámbulos y Gualandayes» farm.

Arbeláez - Cundinamarca

Cámbulos y Gualandayes

It is the name of the first cacao-producing farm in the municipality of Arbeláez. In 2008 Mr. Roberto Vargas del Valle started the production of cacao despite not being a traditional product for this region.

By 2020, the Cámbulos y Gualandayes cacao farm has about 4 hectares with cacao trees in an agroforestry system in which there are also other products such as Lemon, Orange, Soursop and others.

The property’s name is derived from two beautiful native tree species, which adorn the region’s landscape when, in summer, they bloom.

«Cámbulos bloom red, Gualandayes blue» is part of a beautiful poem composed by Don Carlos del Valle and which we share in the form of a Bambuco (Andean Colombian folk music).

Truffelinos - Origen - Portón
"Cámbulos y Gualandayes" gate
Truffelinos - Origen - Hermanos Cubillos
Liuba and Rafael Cubillos. Young cacao growers

Liuba and Rafael Cubillos are two young farmers from the region. Rafael is a systems engineer and Liuba is finishing her agronomy studies. They are co-owners of the farm «La Querencia» in which we plan to plant 1,000 new cacao trees. With the training and instruction they will receive in the 
neighboring «Cámbulos y Gualandayes«, with the financial sponsorship of an anonymous patron and thanks to the facilitating task of Truffelinos, the goal is for these new plants to be in full production by 2026.

To all chocolate lovers, clients and friends of Truffelinos, we invite you to periodically visit this page where we will be presenting progress of the project.

Liuba and Rafael Cubillos