Christmas spirit of Truffelinos

I rarely write testimonials, but the Christmas spirit of Truffelinos inspired me to this one.



My dearest (and chocolate loving) friend in Bogotá has her birthday on 29/12. While looking through Truffelinos website, which I must thank them for the option of having it displayed in English since my Spanish is effectively non-existent, I saw one of their wooden boxes of chocolates had a butterfly pattern. My friend’s 4 year old daughter LOVES butterflies, so I thought it would make a nice late and unexpected Christmas present.

I contacted Truffelinos through the email address provided on their website and asked how could I select the butterfly box. I received a response from Roberto who gave me alternative contact details so we could message each other directly. He then showed me the butterfly box options by sending photographs of what they had in stock to choose from, and he went a step further and offered to make the chocolates in the shape of a butterfly with an age appropriate fruit filling. I could hardly contain my joy at the thought of the happiness this will bring to a young girl.


In addition to the butterflies, I also ordered the 81 piece option, a chocolate truffle cake and selection of chocolate bars for my chocolate loving friend’s birthday.



I cannot say enough about how wonderful Roberto was in helping me make the right choices. Having ordered from Truffelinos previously, I knew their produce was delicious.

Caja Calada 25U chocolates
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Torta de Chocolate: Truffa Clásica
Chocolate Cake

Finally, knowing that
English is not the primary language of Truffelinos, I want to again thank them
for helping this non-Spanish speaking Australian make a purchase that was easy.




Feliz Navidad.


Andrew GreenfieldCannonvale – Queensland, Australia 

June 5, 2021

Thank you Mr. Greenfield for letting us share your experience and for making Truffelinos a part of your Colombian story.